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Online Slots Free Presents: Types of Modern Slots

November 27, 2014
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Slots are unbelievably popular, and have been for a long time. Their popularity is due to the fact they are entertaining and potentially lucrative. Still, they fall into the game of chance category, which means there’s no way you could calculate your winning odds. Regardless, Slot machines generate two thirds of the total revenues of U.S. casinos, and are, as such, the most profitable casino game. It is no wonder, then, that online slots have been thriving as well. More about that after introducing the first slot machine!

First Slot Machine

It was invented in 1895, by San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey. The first slot was dubbed the Liberty Bell, had three reels and featured five symbols: the Liberty bell, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and spades. The term “slot machine” had been used for vending machines before Fey’s invention. The first slot was popular enough for the inventor to be able to open the first slot machine factory. Still, 50 more years had to pass for slots to hit it big. In 1940, the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas included the Liberty Bell to their casino. The success was immediate, and slots have been gaining popularity ever since.

Types of Modern Slots

Modern slots come in many shapes and variations. The two basic types are classic and progressive slots. Classic slots resemble the original, having three reels and no more than five money lines. Progressive slots may have from three to nine reels, and no more than twenty money lines. The difference is in jackpot. Namely, progressive slots accumulate over time and may reach unbelievable heights. That’s what makes them every gambler’s dream, but, interestingly enough, classic slots are more popular than progressive ones, mainly because they are cheaper to play and allow for partial payoffs. Plus, less combinations imply greater odds of winning, especially when compared to progressive slots. The jackpot might be lower, but it is certainly less difficult to hit. Moreover, classic slots have only three horizontal and two diagonal combinations. If you invest the maximum sum, a classic jackpot may well pay off.

Some other popular slots types are bonus- and penny slot machines. Browse our knowledgebase for additional info on both. As for online slots, they are more beneficial. On top of the benefit of being able to have fun in the comfort of your own home, 24/7, around the clock, you will also get free bonuses.

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