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November 27, 2014
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Online Slots Free – Slots Wisdom

Welcome to Online Slots Free, the most resourceful slots wisdom shrine on the web. Read, stay, play! Learn to recognize slots types, choose the best ones, sign up at our trusted sites to maximize your online slots gaming experience! Increase your bankroll: fast, easy, and secure! At Online Slots Free, we strive to help everyone win a jackpot. Sign up now to access legendary jackpots!

Slots History

As for slots history, the first slot machine was invented in 1895. by San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey. The slot was named the Liberty Bell. It had three reels and five symbols: liberty bell, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes, and spades. It was popularized by the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas ca. 50 years later . Today, only classic slots resemble the Liberty Bell. Other slot machines have more reels (up to nine) and more money lines (countless possibilities). As a matter of fact, there are actually slots with 1500 money lines. Hence the need to choose the best slot machine.

Types of Online Slots

What may be truly alarming is that slot machines can be addictive if you don’t take care, and may prompt you to invest more than you originally intended. The two most dangerous slots types in that respect are progressive and penny slot machines. Progressive jackpots accumulate over time, whereas penny slots claim being cheap (a penny per money line, but what is the number of money lines?).

Winning Odds in Online Slots

The good news is – if you are playing online slots, things are far less dangerous. Firstly because online slots sites offer free bonuses and secondly, because you will need to upload additional funds online.  In themselves, online slots games don’t differ much from their land-based counterparts. Neither do the winning odds. In a land-based casino, the odds are determined by a special device installed in the slot. In online slots games, the odds are determined by related software. The odds are final and cannot be affected by players’ actions whatsoever. You may hit a jackpot after 2 seconds or – never. Slots are, after all, a game of chance.

So, why are slot machines so popular to begin with? The most cited reason is fun, but let us not forget the lucrative part. Anyone saying they’re playing slots for fun only are not being honest to themselves. On top of that, if you are a visitor of land-based casinos, chances are, you have seen at least once groups of people taking turns playing a progressive slot machine. Simple logic: everyone invests less, and the jackpot is still considerable even when divided among more people. naturally, you must also have seen energetic casino staff removing the culprits from their premises.

Online Slots Free Bonuses

The safest way to play slot games is online. Depositing money online will make you think twice, so the risk of losing more money than you can afford to lose is minimal. On top of that, online slots are packed with free bonuses, and open 24/7, around the clock. Choosing the best online slots free is no problem either, since we at Online Slots Free have made sure to provide you with the top notch offers on our pages. Sign up today at our trusted, licensed casinos for a risk-free online slots experience. Play, enjoy, earn!

Tips and Strategies

Online Slots Free Presents: Types of Modern Slots

November 27, 2014
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Slots are unbelievably popular, and have been for a long time. Their popularity is due to the fact they are entertaining and potentially lucrative. Still, they fall into the game of chance category, which means there’s no way you could calculate your winning odds. Regardless, Slot machines generate two thirds of the total revenues of U.S. casinos, and are, as such, the most profitable casino game. It is no wonder, then, that online slots have been thriving as well. More about that after introducing the first slot machine!

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