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Online Slots Free Strategies: The Standard Deviation

February 17, 2016
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Although online slots free jackpots rely on luck, you’ll still be able to find out the pattern defining the outcome. The so-called RNG relies on statistics, and so should you. Statistics is the key to increasing your odds, as ever when it comes to gambling. One of the best strategies that will help you define the pattern is the standard deviation slots strategy. Use it for online slots review games ONLY, as you’ll need to write down the outcomes.

Standard Deviation in Slots games

The standard deviation  slots strategy will help you maximize your odds. Be patient and you’re guaranteed a jackpot. In order to get an accurate pattern, you’ll need to play at least 10 online slots free games. Do not by any means interrupt the streak as the odds are prone to changing over time.

Make sure to gamble 10 equal-ratio online slots free games. Equal-ratio games always provide best jackpots – the latter correlate with your investments. E.g., if you invest 50 cents, the jackpot will be 5 times higher than if you invest 10.

While playing your equal-ratio  slots  games, regularly write down the number of spins before each and every jackpot. After having played 10 games at least, calculate the standard deviation (the median). E.g., if it took you in between 9 and 13 spins to hit a jackpot, the median would be 11.

That is a valid pattern, now. Now play another equal-ratio online slots free game, using free bonuses for the first 10 spins. Invest the maximum sum on the 11th.

Best Online Slots Free Sites

Finally, make sure to play slots only at licensed sites. They guarantee payouts, offer great bonuses, and you won’t need to worry about your online security. You’ll find our recommendations listed throughout Online Slots Free – these happen to be best among the best online slots casinos. Sign up today to start playing slots for free immediately!